About Me

My name is Krista and I currently reside in a small town in Upstate New York.  My husband and I married in October of 2015 and share a home with our two cats, Madeline and Shadow.

Last year in May I decided to stop taking birth control. As crazy as it sounds now, I was convinced I was infertile. After being off of birth control for a few months and not getting pregnant, I started to believe this notion even more. This was likely just me making excuses to not take the birth control any more since I felt like a brand new woman without it.

Then the day came. January 2nd. We were sitting at home together and it was about 9 PM at night when I looked at my husband and said, “You need to go to the store right now and get me a pregnancy test”. Of course, like any good husband who had their wife go off of birth control in May, he told me that I was crazy, we were not pregnant, and that I do this to him every month. I responded with this time was definitely different, my period was definitely late, and he needed to go right now. We went back and forth for about a half hour before he stormed out of the house and went to our local Rite Aid. When he came back, I went to the bathroom.

Five minutes later and the test confirmed what I already knew, I was pregnant.  I cried. But not out of sadness. I’ve told so many people that when you spend so many years deliberately trying not to get pregnant, and then you are pregnant, it is a lot to accept.  I was excited though. We both were. And so it began.

The next morning I called the doctor’s office who told me that based on my last period I would be waiting two weeks before they wanted to see me. This infuriated me at the time. I was so impatient about finding out more specifically what was going on. Two weeks later we went to our first appointment, which wasn’t even with a doctor. Because I had been experiencing spotting, they sent me for an ultrasound.

When my husband and I went in for that appointment, we were excited! When the ultrasound technician started and then quickly stopped, I had already known why after seeing the same visual.  There were two. And when she announced it, I looked at my husband’s face which has been drained of color, and laughed out loud. After finding out we were expecting twins everything changed. This is my story and the space I have created to share our journey.  I have always had a passion for writing but haven’t had much time or inspiration for a while now as I have been preoccupied with school and work. As I take on a new role in my own life, I am determined to share my experiences with people who can benefit from them or enjoy them for their own entertainment.
To contact me directly, please e-mail me at kristarouti@gmail.com.